Camera Security

Digital and Network Video Security

Mathias is the premier source for digital and network video security equipment. We provide solutions for automated monitoring of 24-hour security surveillance cameras to a variety of industries. Camera Security does more than deter theft, it will ensure that you feel protected; improve productivity, cut cash loss and improve customer service.

Security Design and Monitoring

We analyze, design and install the best solution for automated monitoring of 24 hour security surveillance cameras. This allows you to monitor your inventories, distant properties, and your sale transactions on-site or from a remote location. Our experienced technicians will provide a comprehensive training on the system functions.

Customized Security System

Mathias can help protect what is most important to you. With our sales team, we can customize the security system to fit your needs. A customized video surveillance system will ensure you; your customers, employees and physical property will be protected all the time.

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